Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow

If you live anywhere that it snows, my guess is you've seen plenty of snow this winter.  I was in California a few weeks ago vending at the Road to California quilt show.  When we were setting up it was 79 degrees there and about 10 degrees BELOW zero at home.  Now I'm not a wimp and I don't mind the cold (that is quite a statement considering I was born in Los Angeles), but while I was away in CA and then upon my return to NH the snow just kept coming and coming and coming.  Our deck was piled almost as high as the rail and we were afraid it might just fall off the house.  So my husband and I shoveled 1 hour each one night, then the next day I shoveled another 2 hours and it's not even 1/2 done.  Now dear hubby has been using a snow rake to get the big pile of snow off the roof so guess where the snow is going to land - back on the deck again!  Tomorrow it might be back to shoveling again, but then on Monday I leave for California again to vend at the Folsom Quilt Guild show.  If it snows while I'm gone then I hope the good fairies come and work their magic.  I hope you are finding lots of quilt projects to work on during the winter months.  At least that way you can stay warm!  Mary Jane 

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  1. Hope the roof and deck have survived the snow! I'm snow weary this year. This is the first week I've worked an entire 5-day week! I should see you next Thursday - hang in there!