Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guest Judges Help Pick Giveaway Winners

Picking two winners was considerably harder than I thought it would be.  There were so many wonderful comments.  I had to call for assistance from 2 guest judges.

I just spent almost 20 minutes trying to get the first "guest judge's" photo turned the right way and it is just not working.  So you will have to pardon his appearance and turn your head to view him properly.  This is a very special judge.  This is Mick our almost 11 year old Sheltie.  He is the most wonderful dog and so I thought he should help pick the first winner.  He chose Sandy A. - her comments were sent through with the title Scotty Lover.  I guess you can guess why Mick chose her.  
The second "guest judge" is Roxie.  One Christmas we gave Mick his own kitty - and it was Roxie.  He loves cats.  My daughter once fostered a mother cat and a big litter of kittens.  They wanted the kittens to get "acquainted" with dogs and her dog was a little aggressive so Mick volunteered to be with the kittens.  He just laid on the floor while all of the kittens climbed all over him - he was in heaven!  But back to Roxie - she helped me pick the second winner.  Our daughter, Allison, has a border collie named Breeze (called Breezy by all) so Roxie picked Karen who's title shows up on the comments as Karen in Breezy Point. 
I will email both of the winners and will get their kits off in the mail.  Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway.  And remember when my Tour des Fleurs fabrics arrive I'll do another giveaway of a fat quarter bundle.  So keep checking back for that post.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

On The 8th Day of Christmas .... SNOW

I don't think the 12 days of Christmas song says that on the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me - snow, but that's what we had last night.  About 3 or 4 inches.  A beautiful white powder all over the yard.  I love it when we have snow for Christmas and as long as it is not dangerous to travel, then it is just perfect!

I'll be choosing two winners tomorrow so keep an eye out ..... you might be one of the lucky winners.  Sometimes the comments I receive show a no-reply at as your email address.  If that is the case, then I can't email you to say you have won.

This is my last Christmas picture.  It is my grandson, Rory, when he was about 2 years old.  He's 16 now and over 6 foot tall.  When he was about this age, we spent Christmas Eve there and slept in his room with him.  About 2 am I woke up and he was watching monster truck videos on the TV.    He couldn't sleep because he was so excited (we could definitely have slept more even if we were excited).    Christmas is so special when there are children around.  Even though both the grandkids are growing up (too fast), they still make Christmas a very special day.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

7th Day of Christmas

It's hard to believe it's the 7th day of Christmas for me!  If you've read my blog before you know that I am really, really bad about posting.  So for me to make it for 7 days is amazing.  But it's because the comments that have been so wonderful that it has really kept me writing more.  I have really enjoyed reading every one of them.  Thank you.  I feel like I've met so many new friends that it is going to be so hard to pick the 2 winners.  I wish I had kits for all of you.  Keep an eye out because when the Tour des Fleurs fabrics arrive I'll do a fat quarter bundle giveaway.  So you'll have another chance to win a prize.
If you have been following the Naughty or Nice Christmas Party blog at Henry Glass Fabrics there was a little problem with the post today.  If you missed it, then click on this link and you'll see today's post.  You should definitely check it out because they are having lots of fun giveaways.
I really love this Santa and I have for over 45 years.  It is my husband, Dan, and the little girl on his lap is my youngest daughter, Allison. It was probably taken in 1989.  I'm not sure if my girls are following this blog, but I wonder if they are embarrassed to see their photos online for all the world to see.  Hey if I can post those lovely home perms I had, they shouldn't feel bad about their photos.
Hope you are getting into the holiday spirit. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

On The 6th Day of Christmas .....

Well, it's not really the 6th day of Christmas (and I can't remember what my true love gave to me), but since I started writing this on November 30th it is my 6th day of Christmas ( I guess  I go to the beat of a different drummer).  
Today was a great day!  I had my friends from my Thurs. group over and I fixed lunch for them.  Because I am away so much I very rarely get to see them so today was a very special day.  I made homemade minestrone soup with warm ciabatta bread, a Chinese chicken salad and to finish it off  (tah dah) a brownie chocolate cheesecake with raspberry topping and whipped cream.  I should have taken a picture but I didn't think of it until it was all in my tummy.  The cheesecake is always a winner and it is fairly easy to make.  I'm going to do a club starting in November 2014 and it is called "A Year of Love .... A Year of Fun Club".  Each month there will be a free pattern and a recipe so check with your local quilt shop and see it they are going to participate. 
Today I have a very, very special picture for you.  Not that all of the pictures I've posted haven't been special, but this picture is especially so because it is of my Mom, who passed away in 2004, and my youngest daughter, Allison.  I didn't write the year on the back of the photo but I think it was probably 1981.  My parents were living in Sparks, Nevada then and we flew there to spend Christmas with them.  Christmas with my family was always so much fun because my Dad in particular LOVED Christmas and was like a big kid himself.  He was that way until the day he died so no wonder my sister and I are so crazy about Christmas.  It must run in our genes.
Now if you are looking for some fun today - follow this link to Fat Quarter Shop's website  They are offering pre-orders for fat quarters of my new fabric line, Tour des Fleurs.  And if you keep an eye on their blog there is going to be an interview I did with them and a giveaway.  I had to  tell them 3 things - 2 truths and a lie.  Let's see if you can figure out which one is the lie.   

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5th Day of Giveaway

Thank you again for all of your comments.  It has been so much fun reading them.  And yes,, the ice cream was yummy - but I did skip the bananas on it.  Decided that was much too healthy.
 I absolutely love this little elf.  It was my husband's from when he was a little boy (so another antique).  Every year I find a special spot on the tree for it. 

So now we've gone from the 50's into the 60's and instead of ponies I've graduated into kittens.  My parents were very understanding when I brought Princess, the beagle puppy, home and then Brutus, the little orange kitten.  Princess lived for over 20 years with them.

Now we are into the 70's - boy time sure does fly!  This is our oldest daughter, Marta, in front of our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.    Well I hope you've enjoyed the pictures today.  Don't forget to go to Henry Glass Fabrics and comment there to win.  Tomorrow I'll post another great link for you to see.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

4th Day and More Giveaways!

Today's post is going to be very quick.  My hubby is waiting upstairs so we can have banana splits together.  YUM! 
Here I am again in 1953.  I guess I was all tuckered out from the celebrating.  A friend of the family was kind enough to offer to be a comfortable resting place. 

Now it's 1954.  Still tinsel on the tree but look - now we had a color camera!  And don't you just love the festive red outfit?  And lo and behold - my Mom skipped the perms this year. 

Quiltmaker Magazine is have a giveaway.  Just click this link: and leave a comment.  They are giving away a complete set of 8 Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazines.  I had the honor of being in one of their volumes.   And don't forget to leave me a comment too for your chance to win one of the Tour des Jardin kits.  Bye for now - I can hear the ice cream calling me.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 3 of Giveaway

I'm so happy that I am finally posting on my blog because it has been so much fun reading your comments.  It seems like I really procrastinate on posting - which according to everyone is a very bad thing to do.  So maybe I should have answered "naughty" on the Henry Glass Naughty or Nice Christmas Party Blog???  Here is the link to the blog at Henry Glass so you can see what the designers are up to this Holiday Season
If you love Christmas as much as I do, then you might like my new book, Christmas Sparkle.  There are 7 fun holiday projects.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy, then simply click this link to my retail website at The Christmas Shoppe  I don't have a huge inventory right now so I will notify you if  there will be a delay in shipping while I wait for my reorder to come in.
Yesterday I promised you a look at my newest fabric line, Simply Christmas.  It will be shipping in May.  I've just scanned a few of the pieces (I apologize that the colors aren't quite right - I think my scanner is starting to croak).  But if you click this link you will see the whole collection plus there is a free pattern to download:
Here is a new version of the cover quilt from Christmas Sparkle remade with the Simply Christmas fabrics.  I really love the reds and greens in this collection plus I have never met a polka dot I don't like!
And just to add a little humor to the day I'm going to post another Christmas picture.  This one is from 1953 (notice I've been posting the pictures in chronological order??).  Yes, in Los Angeles they had people who would come around to your house before Christmas with a pony.  You just got right up there and smiled for the camera.  You couldn't keep the pony though.  Besides our backyard at this house was about as big as a postage stamp. 

And don't forget to keep commenting ...... you might win one of the Tour des Jardin kits.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

2nd Day of Giveaway

I have received so many nice comments about the things you love about the holiday season.  What a joy to read all of them.  Please keep them coming!  I will read them all and then pick the winner on Dec. 8th. 

If you click on this link  you will see an interview I did with Leisure Arts about the holiday season and my book called "Christmas Sparkle" that they published. 

I'm also going to post in the next few days a little glimpse of my very newest fabric collection (due to ship in May 2014) and guess what?  It's a Christmas line.

Here I am in 1952.  You can just see a little glimpse of my Mother in the background.  And of course, we had tinsel on the tree.  And you will note the lovely hair - I think my Mother liked to give both my sister and I perms since we had baby fine, straight hair.  What a winner this photo is. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Join In A Holiday Celebration & Giveaway

Since tomorrow is December 1st, I'd like to start off the holiday season with a giveaway.  So please join me for this holiday celebration.  On Dec. 8th I'm going to give away  2 Tour des Jardin kits.  This is my latest BOM created from my new fabric line, Tour des Fleurs, from Henry Glass.   There are two colorways - red or blue.  Just write a comment any day between now and Dec. 7th and I'll choose 2 winners on Dec. 8th.  Tell me what you love about the holidays or anything else you'd like to share.

Maybe you'd like to comment on this picture of me from Christmas 1951 .... hard to believe they had cameras that long ago.  My Christmas present was this adorable Hop-a-long Cassidy cowgirl outfit and cardboard horse.  You could climb inside the horse and ride all around.  Of course, you have to understand this is in Los Angeles so there isn't snow.  It was a lot easier to ride a horse without snow.

I'm going to post some more Christmas pictures over the next few days so please come back and let me know what you think of them.  It doesn't hurt your chances to comment more than once.  And please join the party at Henry Glass Fabrics - they are doing a Naughty or Nice Christmas Party.  Just go to  There will be lots of fun there too!