Sunday, December 8, 2013

Guest Judges Help Pick Giveaway Winners

Picking two winners was considerably harder than I thought it would be.  There were so many wonderful comments.  I had to call for assistance from 2 guest judges.

I just spent almost 20 minutes trying to get the first "guest judge's" photo turned the right way and it is just not working.  So you will have to pardon his appearance and turn your head to view him properly.  This is a very special judge.  This is Mick our almost 11 year old Sheltie.  He is the most wonderful dog and so I thought he should help pick the first winner.  He chose Sandy A. - her comments were sent through with the title Scotty Lover.  I guess you can guess why Mick chose her.  
The second "guest judge" is Roxie.  One Christmas we gave Mick his own kitty - and it was Roxie.  He loves cats.  My daughter once fostered a mother cat and a big litter of kittens.  They wanted the kittens to get "acquainted" with dogs and her dog was a little aggressive so Mick volunteered to be with the kittens.  He just laid on the floor while all of the kittens climbed all over him - he was in heaven!  But back to Roxie - she helped me pick the second winner.  Our daughter, Allison, has a border collie named Breeze (called Breezy by all) so Roxie picked Karen who's title shows up on the comments as Karen in Breezy Point. 
I will email both of the winners and will get their kits off in the mail.  Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway.  And remember when my Tour des Fleurs fabrics arrive I'll do another giveaway of a fat quarter bundle.  So keep checking back for that post.



  2. Thank you so much!! Please give Mick a big hug from me!
    Sandy A

  3. Congratulations ladies.. and Thanks Mary Jane for the awesome giveaway! Nice that you can employ such cute judges ;) Take care. Karen

  4. Congratulations to the winners...there is a sad face in Michigan. Thanks for the fun hop Mary Jane! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Pauline

  5. Thank you Mary Jane for all your wonderful posts. Congratulations to the lucky winners and Merry Christmas to all.

  6. The picture issue is solved by rotating the picture in a program, like picasa, that saves orientation information. Your camera doesn't save this(neither does mine).