Sunday, September 27, 2015

Unpublished Comments

There are two winners whose comments weren't published so I can't reply to them from Blogger.  They are KatieQ and Pam.  I'll send both of you an email so you can respond that way.  Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Roll Out the Red Carpet .... Here's the Winners!

First off, I'd like to apologize because I deleted quite a few comments when I meant to publish them.  So if you are wondering where your comments went - OOPS, technology got the better of me.  But the upside to it is, I had downloaded the comments to my phone so I was able to see them all, even if you couldn't see them in the comments section. 

It was so hard to pick the winners because there were so many to choose from.  But here it goes:

Bundle #1 - This one had the most comments.  Guess everyone likes a surprise??? 
The winner of bundle #1 is PK Sews. 

Bundles #2 - The winner is Pippirose

Bundle #3 - The winner is KatieQ.

Bundle #4 - This one also had lots of comments, but the winner is Pam. 

Bundle #5 - Last but not least.  The winner is Amanda M.

I'm going to try and reply to your comments, but if you have chosen a no-reply option you won't be able to receive it.  My email address is in case we have trouble.  If you could send me your mailing address, that would be great. 

Now it's back to my work table.  I'm working on another  house quilt with the Tranquil Garden advance yardage I received.  I'm making two of the same quilt.  One is for me and one is going to a shop out of the country.  I'm making mine first in case I need to do any "renovation" work on the other one. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Forgot Something.....

When it comes to taking photographs, I am HORRIBLE!  It is always a joke around our house that the only pictures we have of our daughters are from when my Mother visited or their school pictures.  Linda Lum DeBono was kind enough to take these pictures for me.  This is the little quilt I made using the Folio fabrics plus some of my newest line, Tranquil Garden, which will be shipping next month.  I hope you like them!

Here's a little look ..... I have a great machine quilter.  She makes every quilt look beautiful.
Another little look.....

And here's the finished project.  I love soft colors (but then again, I don't think I've ever met a red I don't like).   Don't forget you can still leave comments about winning the bundles from yesterdays post.  You can either leave them on today's post or yesterday's.  I'll be picking the winners tomorrow.  Good luck. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Today Is My Day

Well, today is Sept. 25th and it is my turn to blog on the Henry Glass/Jaftex Blog Hop.  As usual, I stayed up way too late last night.  I've been working on five new fabric collections (yes, I meant to say FIVE).  When my brain gets going it is sometimes hard to shut it off - so alas, that is why I have such trouble sleeping.  But I shipped 3 new collections off yesterday afternoon, finished another later yesterday in the day and made a start on the 5th so I'm feeling pretty good.  The first one I worked on was a taupe/red group.  If you saw Stroll Along the Seine at your local quilt shop, then this is the next collection in this series.  I am pleased to say that Stroll Along the Seine was successful both international and at home.  In fact, there are two women in Germany who make traditional German dresses (which by the way are BEAUTIFUL - they gave me a little look at their catalog) and this collection made it into their designs. 

But now for the fun.  I have 5 prizes to give away.  And don't forget to go to the Henry Glass Fabrics website because they have lots of fun giveaways too.  If you post a comment about the fat quarters you would like to win, then I'll be giving them away on Sun.  I'll post the winners and then you can get me your mailing address.  I'm sorry but we can only give fat quarters away to US residents.  We love our customers overseas but the shipping costs would be prohibitive for this giveaway.

Here's the first bundle - all tied up pretty with the lovely Henry Glass Fabrics ribbon.

If you would like to win this bundle just mention Bundle #1 - there are 18 wonderful fat quarters from the Folio collection.

The next bundle - Bundle #2 - I'm calling the Autumn Bundle - which has 9 fat quarters from the Folio collection.

Here's Bundle #3 - There are 8 fat quarters with some lovely "midnight" colors.

And the bundles keep on coming.  Here's Bundle #4 with 9 fat quarters - probably my favorite because there are lots of light colors.  My latest shabby chic collection, Tranquil Garden, is shipping next month.  And I absolutely love the soft subtle colors.  One of the new collections I shipped off yesterday was the next shabby chic group.  It is my third shabby chic group - first was Gentle Garden, then Tranquil Garden and now ???.  I picked a name - but maybe you can think of one for me.  Sometimes the fabric design comes pretty easy, but then the name just doesn't come.

This is the last bundle - Bundle #5.  More from the Folio collection.  There are 6 fat quarters. This one I'm calling Sunset because you can see purples, reds and pinks from my deck as the sun goes down.  Absolutely beautiful.  Speaking of red - the collection I finished up yesterday afternoon is another red and white group.  My first red and white collection was A Year of Love.  I'm stumped on a name for this next group so right now it is called "Unnamed".  Clever, right?  Any ideas for me?

So that's the end of our fun day.  Well actually, my fun day is going to continue because my husband and I have a date night tonight.  We're going to the movies and then dinner.  But I hope you enjoy your day and please comment for a chance to win.  And remember, add your comments to Henry Glass Fabrics blog too for a chance to win other goodies.  Don't forget to check our blog on Sunday to find out the winners. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let The Blogging Fun Begin!

As a designer for Henry Glass Fabrics, I am so happy to be a part of their 85th anniversary celebration.  Jaftex, the parent company of Henry Glass Fabrics, has been a family business for 85 years and continues to be a family business today.  As a designer with them since 2012, I am happy to say that they have welcomed me in as part of their family too.

Over the course of the month of September there will be lots of blogging fun.  Check out the blog at Henry Glass Fabrics to see what the designers have to say and share and take part in the great giveaways.  Just click this link and let the fun begin!

Listed below is a schedule for the Blog Hop with links to each blog.
September 1 - Kim Diehl guest posting @ American Patchwork & Quilting
September 2 - Pepper @ Pepper at the Quilt Studio 
September 3 - Anjeanette @ Anjeanette Klinder 
September 4 - Leanne @ The Whole Country Caboodle   
September 5 - Mark @ Mark Lipinski's Blog
September 6 - Heather @ Heather Kojan Quilts  
September 7 - Heather @ Trends and Traditions  
September 7 - Martha @ Wagons West Designs  
September 8 - Linda @ Linda Lum DeBono 
September 9 - Heidi @ Red Letter Quilts 
September 10 - Jill @ Jillily Studios  
September 10 - Dana @ My Lazy Daisy  
September 11 - Penny @ Sew Simple Designs  
September 12 - Ida @ Cowtown Quilts 
September 13 - Liz and Beth @ Lizzie B Cre8ive  
September 14 - Melissa @ Sew Bitter Sweet Designs
September 15 - Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl    
September 16 - Amy @ Kati Cupcake 
September 16 - Barbara @ QuiltSoup2 
September 17 - Erica @ Kitchen Table Quilting 
September 18 - Leona @ Leona's Quilting Adventure 
September 19 - Margot @ The Pattern Basket  
September 20 - Sylvia @ Flying Parrot Quilts   
September 21 - Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts  
September 22 - Kim @ Aurifil Threads  
September 23 - Rebekah @ Don't Call Me Becky   
September 24 - Julie @ The Crafty Quilter 
September 25 - Mary Ellen @ Little Quilts  
September 25 - Mary Jane @ Holly Hill Designs 
September 26 - Daisy @ Ants to Sugar
September 27 - Melissa @ Happy Quilting
September 28 - Janet @ One S1ster
September 29 - Jenny @ Martingale& Co.
September 30 - Teresa @ Third Floor Quilts

Another fun part of the celebrations is the contest. Winners will receive fabric of course but also some great prizes from our quilt industry friends. The first prize winner will win a Janome Skyline S5, the second place winner will win a big box of Aurifil thread and the third prize will win a lovely tin with special goodies from Schmetz Needles.  Jaftex Corp. thanks special thanks to Janome AmericaAurifil and Schmetz Needles for their prizes.

85th Anniversary Giveaway